Salmon Cakes with Mango-Pomegranate Guacamole

This blog has been dormant for way too long. I have a host of good excuses! First my sister graduated from USC. Then I turned 25. Then moving day (on Saturday) approached and… Continue reading

Soba noodle redux

Here’s what I learned this week: Even a challenge that forces me to try new things doesn’t mean I won’t et into ruts. I’ll just come out of those ruts with several different… Continue reading

eggplant with pomegranates

Doing anything other than cutting straight to the photo is burying the lede. Yes, those are those eggplants from Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty. And yes, I made something that looks just like a cookbook… Continue reading

Tortilla (Spanish Omlette)

No photo with this one, sorry! I promise next week’s recipe will be photogenic and gorgeous, but this one wasn’t — especially on the third day, when I finally remembered to take a… Continue reading

healthy, delicious lentil stew

This isn’t a new weekly recipe (we’re now in Week 14, if you’re counting, and the peanut-sesame noodles fulfilled my weekly quota), but I’ve promoted it aggressively to people as the Healthiest Soup… Continue reading

peanut-sesame noodles

Time for something completely different. No beans here. No greens either (although I had to resist a strong temptation to throw a handful of cooked kale into the final product). This is yet… Continue reading

feta-harissa bean bake

When my sister was in elementary school, she wrote a book about a story my grandmother told her. It was about my Nana’s childhood during the Depression, and the book was called “Beans… Continue reading

no-knead bread

This post could also be called “no-need bread.” As in: There is no need for me to rave about this recipe, since thousands already have.

coconut spinach & chickpeas

I know. More beans and greens. But the surprise early summer (it’s week 11 of 2012, if anyone’s counting, and it was already 80 degrees yesterday) will soon put an end to this… Continue reading

super tuesday superfoods

Week 10, you guys! This is the longest I’ve ever kept a New Year’s Resolution, and I’m still going strong. I hope everybody had a truly super Tuesday.

smoky chicken breasts

Here we are in Week 9, and I’ve finally made a recipe that’s quick, healthy, flavorful and not overly ambitious!  Better late than never.

cupcake interlude

When I started this challenge, I decreed: no desserts! I am great at desserts. And I have a monstrous sweet tooth and immediately eat all the desserts once they’re baked.

a british meat pie

I wanted to spend the next few weeks focusing on quick, flavorful recipes that would support, rather than undermine, the gym-going habit I am desperately trying to cultivate. Then I realized that February… Continue reading


Last month, I had a dish at the somewhat confusingly named Café Olé (despite the Spanish name, it serves Middle Eastern and Mediterranean small plates) so good that I couldn’t stop thinking about… Continue reading

fig-prosciutto pizza

It’s probably already obvious that I love Trader Joe’s. I’m pretty sure every recipe on here has included some ingredient made a little easier (frozen brown rice!) or more fun (seaweed snacks!) or… Continue reading

improvisational indian

This week is sneaking in under the wire: I worked from early Sunday morning until late Friday evening, which left almost no time for cooking. Or shopping. Which is why these recipes were based… Continue reading

lentil soup

So as we know, I cheated last week and posted a recipe that I make at minimum once per week, and have for months. Not exactly new in 2012. For Week 4, though,… Continue reading

excuses, and shakshuka

I had a friend in town from California this week, and so I didn’t get a chance to make new recipes. I did crowd-pleasers: sweet potato wedges, last week’s black bean tacos, cornbread… Continue reading

quick black bean tacos

This recipe was on my “to cook” list forever. Quick, black beans, corn tortillas — what’s not to like? I even went so far as to buy the ingredients not once, not twice,… Continue reading

tofu sushi bowl

(The photos start next week. Oops.) Oddly unhampered by a shellfish allergy that sprung up from nowhere a few years ago, I’ve been on a sushi kick lately. So I seized the opportunity… Continue reading