fig-prosciutto pizza

It’s probably already obvious that I love Trader Joe’s. I’m pretty sure every recipe on here has included some ingredient made a little easier (frozen brown rice!) or more fun (seaweed snacks!) or possible at all (paratha!) due to Trader Joe.

Unfortunately, I live near what I have been told is the smallest Trader Joe’s in the entire chain. It is tiny, with a diminutive parking lot to match, and on Sunday afternoons it may or may not break fire code as Marylanders rush in and pack the aisles. And so, via serendipitous discovery last month, Friday Night Trader Joe’s was born: I’m guaranteed to have the place to myself of a Friday evening (no matter how late or early, it seems), and that’s worth squeezing in around whatever fun plans I have.

This dish is a product of Friday Night Trader Joe’s. It took about half an hour to make and was so easy I’m almost embarrassed to post it. I had it with a nice Belgian beer, not from Trader Joe’s, because Maryland has the worst liquor laws in the world*.

Finally, housekeeping note: Somehow I got my schedule thrown off, so I no longer cook my new dish for the week on Sunday nights. Cooking on Fridays/Saturdays is not sustainable, so this weekend will be a recipe double-header, with Week 7 coming by Monday morning.

* OK, fine, this is patently untrue. First, there are eight countries where alcohol is banned everywhere (thanks, Wikipedia!). Second, Pennsylvania will always hold the crown in my heart for “state with the worst liquor laws.” Maryland is fast becoming a runner-up, though, because even in Pennsylvania I could buy beer at the grocery store, for Pete’s sake. Dear mid-Atlantic states: Please get your act together.

Fig-Prosciutto Pizza

Adapted from The Pioneer Woman. I followed the original recipe almost exactly, but I wouldn’t next time: Do not salt it when she tells you to. The final product was perfect other than the insane amount of salt from salting twice + parmesan + prosciutto. I cut out all the salt in this version, and added some goat cheese.

Pizza dough (follow your own recipe, or buy it pre-made like I did)
Extra virgin olive oil
4 tablespoons fig jam or preserves (mine was labeled fig butter)
One ball of fresh mozzerella, thinly sliced
Goat cheese, thinly sliced
A few slices prosciutto
2 handfuls arugula, washed and rinsed (did you know arugula is also known as “rocket”? this is a much cooler and much less snooty-sounding name)
Shaved or grated Parmesan cheese
Pepper to taste

Roll the pizza dough out into a thin, flat square and place it on a baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and spread with fig jam. In a single layer, arrange the mozzarella on the dough. Dot with goat cheese.

Bake at 500° for 10 minutes, then tear the proscuttio into palm-sized pieces and place it on top of the cheese. Bake another 3-5 minutes, just long enough for the prosciutto to warm and crisp a bit.

Remove from oven and sprinkle generously with handfuls of arugula. Top with parmesan cheese and cracked pepper.